Tips on Choosing The Best Left-Handed Dog Grooming Scissors

Tips on Choosing The Best Left-Handed Dog Grooming Scissors

July 14, 2021

As left-handed dog groomers only make up 10% of the dog grooming family, they have historically found it incredibly difficult to source high-quality left-handed scissors as they were either simply not available or very expensive.

This was because manufacturing left-handed scissors are slightly more complicated than it is for right-handed shears. As a result, it is more costly for manufacturers to make smaller batches. 

However, here at Grooming Scissors Direct, we are incredibly passionate about ensuring we offer a wide range of quality left-handed dog grooming scissors to left-handed groomers throughout Australia.

The best part is, we only carry high-quality professional left-handed scissors from globally renowned brands such as Matsuiand Kamisori. As a result of this, you can rest assured knowing you're getting better value and a long-lasting pair of scissors that can be sharpened many times over the lifetime of the scissors.

Choosing the best grooming scissors for left-handed dog groomers is one of the most important decisions you have to make. The scissors you select can significantly influence the speed and quality of your work, the health of your hands, and of course, your wallet. 

The challenges faced by left-handed dog groomers

Typically many left-handed dog groomers learn to use dog grooming scissors by using a right-handed pair of shears upside down, which means that in order to make the scissors cut, they have to apply increased pressure and quite often because more pressure is applied to the scissor, it causes the hair to fold rather than be cut cleanly.

Also, as a result of working this way, the scissoring hand can develop what is known as muscle memory, which can affect how a left-handed groomer uses a left-handed dog grooming scissor. 

What to look for when buying left-handed dog grooming scissors

Before buying any dog grooming scissors, whether you're left or right-handed, it's essential to use them in real life. Your choice will depend on several factors, including; the quality of the metal, your hand and finger size, the size and breed of the dog or dogs you’re grooming, and of course, the price.

Always look for a quality product

When it comes to buying a single pair or a complete grooming set of left-handed dog grooming scissors or shears that you intend to use regularly, it is essential to choose good quality metal scissors. As not only will these stay sharper for longer they will also save you time and money in the long term. 

At Grooming Scissors Direct, all of our beautiful, lightweight right and left-handed dog grooming scissors are made from the finest premium Aichel Japanese cobalt infused steel. This helps them stay sharper for longer and come in a choice of finishes, including matte Black or for a touch of elegance Rose Gold.

The four types of left-handed dog grooming scissors

Typically there are four types of left-handed dog grooming scissors to choose from, and these include;

  • 7" or 8" cutting scissors, which are best for performing quick touch-ups and overall trims.
  • 6" ball tip scissors, designed with safety in mind, they are ideal for getting in around the muzzle, eyes, paws and are great for all those hard to reach areas.
  • 7.5" curved scissors provide a superb finish, are also great for all those hard to reach areas, and are perfect for novice dog groomers.
  • 7" 46 tooth thinning scissors, designed to reduce strain on the wrist and provide an extra smooth cutting action and usually come with a ball bearing tension screw system.

Check to see if they fit your hand

When purchasing a pair of left-handed dog grooming scissors, always ensure that they feel comfortable in your hand and are not too heavy for you (this is especially important if you are a professional groomer who works with dogs for several hours a day). In addition, the screw should be in the right place so that the scissors are well balanced in your hand and do not lean too far forward or backward. 

Left-handed dog grooming scissors come in various sizes and all kinds of short and long tangs; with this in mind, remember the following when choosing your left-handed dog grooming scissors.

  • If you’re a left-handed person with long fingers, you should choose scissors with a long handle, as these will be comfortable for the thumb and allow you to open your hand completely while cutting the dog's hair. Typically left-handed European and American made scissors have a normal long handle.
  • Whereas if you’re a left-handed person with short fingers, then you should choose scissors with a short handle, as if you have to cut with scissors where the handle is too long for you, you will have to open your thumb too wide constantly, and this movement can be a strain on both your fingers and hand. 

Ideally, try to choose a pair of left-handed dog grooming scissors where the offset handle in both scissors brings the thumb into a natural position for cutting, and the solid finger rest can never come loose and get lost. 

Never sacrifice quality for price

The price of a pair of left-handed dog grooming scissors will depend very much on the material, finish and edge. Cheaper left-handed dog grooming scissors usually come with a minimalist finish, cheap or flimsy packaging, and are typically made using softer, poor-quality metals, which can easily be damaged. Unfortunately, this means they will also need to be sharpened more often, so you will have to wait until you can use your dog grooming scissors again. 

Whereas more expensive left-handed dog grooming scissors tend to be manufactured using high-quality premium steel, which allows them to keep their edge longer, the need to be constantly sharpened is less - so saving you time and money. The high price may also be due to their finish, for example, with gold or precious stones, the blade edge type, and the selection of accessories that come with the scissors.

Finally - grooming your dog

Grooming your dog at home can seem pretty daunting at first, but with a bit of patience and the proper pair of left-handed dog grooming scissors, you'll soon find your feet.

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