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You’ll be glad to know we’ve searched the globe to offer our valued customers the best range of professional dog grooming scissors and shears that are designed to last. The good news is, our high quality dog grooming scissors are designed to be sharpened multiple times throughout their lifetime, providing greater value. 
It’s vitally important that our customers are happy with our products.  That's why we provide a 7 day returns policy and all our scissors come with a lifetime warranty.
We have a pair of dog grooming scissors that will suit all the styling techniques you need.  All our brands provide unparalleled ease of use, clean finish, styles and an effortless cutting experience.
Choose from various functional designs with excellent edges and handles to complement your grooming know how. We offer quality cutting scissors, thinning scissors, clunkers, texturisers, precision cutting scissors,  curved scissors, ball tip scissors and left handed dog grooming scissors. 
Have your Dog grooming scissors delivered right to your doorstep when you browse and buy online at Grooming Scissors Direct.
To be perfectly honest, when choosing your next pair of Pet Grooming Scissors you need to make sure that they have a lifetime warranty and the company you are purchasing from has a fair returns policy.
While there are many sizes and styles available in the market, here at Grooming Scissors Direct we have found that having a classically designed shear with a light weight handle and a well balanced Japanese steel beveled edge blade is key to avoiding wrist pain and complications from RSI in the years to come.
It’s important to know that your Pet grooming Shears are specially designed to be sharpened and restored to a new condition many times over the lifetime of the scissors or shears.
All our pet grooming shears are designed with this in mind and can handle even the thickest fur.


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